Diabetes and pregnant women – there could be two important issues that touch these.

First one is a diabetic woman who wants to conceive and then carry the baby to its full term, but having difficulty because of disturbed blood sugar levels.

The second issue is for a healthier woman with no previous history of diabetes but she develops diabetes during pregnancy. This is termed gestational diabetes.

First case:In this case the woman who has pre existing diabetes must take greatest care of her blood sugar levels, especially in the first few months of pregnancy. The disturbed blood glucose levels may result in serious birth defects. The pre existing diabetes is also a major cause of miscarriage in the early months of pregnancy.

Second Case:Gestational diabetes is comparatively an issue of lesser concern. Here is not any increased risk of birth defects. However it is important to control the blood glucose levels as otherwise there are increased chances of stillbirth.

The women who are suffering from diabetes either pre existing or gestational generally give birth to overweight babies. This is because the babies grow bigger in their size as an additional amount of sugar passes through their umbilical cord to the baby. This causes the baby to put on an increased weight. Insulin then helps to convert this added sugar into fats. In most of the cases the babies have to be delivered by a cesarean section.

It is a fact that diabetes can be controlled with the help of diet and physical activity management. There is no explanation that diabetic women cannot enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Diabetic women for sure can deliver healthy babies after enjoying uncomplicated pregnancies. However if the diabetes is left untreated serious complications can take place. These complications may lead to high blood pressure, miscarriage, premature delivery and even stillbirth.

The women with preexisting diabetes are recommended to go for a glycosylated hemoglobin test. This blood test helps the doctor to mature how well the woman was controlling her blood sugar levels. This test is also prescribed periodically during pregnancy.

Nowadays it is strongly recommended that women should take folic acid supplement to avoid defects of neural tube. The advice holds true particularly for diabetic women.

If the diabetic woman is on diabetes medication then she has to switch to insulin as at present no diabetic medication has been proved safe for use during pregnancy.

Generally pregnant women are prescribed for diabetes screening during the 24th week of pregnancy. Those who develop gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes in the near future.

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