Can mesenchymal stem cells be applied to treat diabetes?

As a severe health threatening disease, diabetes has a great impact on the all aspects of daily life, such as work, diet, living habits and so on. Sometimes, even if diabetics take special care, some acute or chronic complications may still occur.

Mesenchymal stem cells, belonging to the mesoderm, refer to a group of pluripotent stem cells with strong plasticity and multiple-differentiation potentials. Under the induction of pancreas tissue microenvironment, mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate and proliferation into new islet cells so as to replace the impaired ones, thus promoting the rebirth and repairing of the damaged islet cells and achieving the goal of treating diabetes from the root cause.

Functioning mechanism of Mesenchymal stem cells transplant in treating diabetes

1. Repair the damaged islet cells

Islet beta cells are main insulin-secreting cells in the body. By repairing the damaged pancreas and islet beta cells directly, more islet beta cells will be qualified with insulin secreting functions.

2. Repair other insulin-secreting cells and improve insulin resistance

in our body, besides islet beta cells, there exist other insulin-secreting cells in other organs and tissues of the body. With those cells repaired and regenerate, insulin secretion amount can be increased and blood sugar level can be lowered. Besides, mesenchymal stem cells can promote the sensitivity of transglyprotein and the combination of islet receptor and insulin, thus reducing insulin resistance.

Advantages of Mesenchymal stem cells in treating diabetes

1. Safe and no side effects

As stem cells are undifferentiated original cells, they will not be attacked by the autoimmune system and side effects of organ transplantation can be avoided.

2. No ethical issues

Mesenchymal stem cells are mainly from umbilical cord blood, which are collected after the delivery of children and would otherwise be thrown away as wastes.

3. Immune regulation function

Mesenchymal stem cells can inhibit the proliferation of T cells and immune reaction through the intercellular reaction, thus performing the function of rebuilding immunity. 

The application of Mesenchymal Stem cell can greatly decrease chances of all diabetic complications and help patients enjoy a much healthier and high-quality life. It is really a good news for diabetics. For the youngesters, Mesenchymal stem cell transplant provides an opportunity to embrace the future life without being embarassed about their illness condition.

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