Diabetes Type 2 and You Fight Back and Win: There Is Hope

This is a story of a 64 year everyday person who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and how Gregg Pelagio battled this diabetes and has regained control of his sugar levels with and now without medicine. I do not profess to be an expert and it worked for me. May not for you – consult a physician.

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You are the first line of defense when it comes to managing your Type 2 Diabetes. Regular consistent monitoring will help you keep an eye on things to prevent complications in the long run. Measuring glucose levels is the primary monitoring done at home for Diabetes. All diabetics need to have a glucose meter at home and know how to take reading properly. This information is vital to determining if a glucose spike or plummet happens. It also gives vital information on what foods and exercisesaffect those same levels. If you take insulin, these readings help determine the dosage required if you need an injection. You should record all of this information in a journal for you and your doctor’s future reference.

In addition to monitoring your blood sugar levels, you need to monitor your weight carefully if you have type 2 diabetes. Carrying excess weight can lead to higher levels of insulin resistance. By lowering weight to within the recommended range, you can significantly improve your ability to control your diabetes. Hence, by now taking a weekly body weight measurement will give you an indication of your progress, one way, or the other. Maintaining your current weight is far better than gaining more. However, if you are excessively overweight, you need to drop the weight in order to stave off long-term problems.

It is also important to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels if you have type 2 diabetes. The disease brings a higher risk of heart disease. Your doctor will regularly monitor these numbers. However, if you are dealing with elevated numbers, having tests done more often is not a bad idea. You need to get these numbers under control before you develop severe cardiovascular problems. It may involve dietary changes as well as revving up physical activity. If these changes do not make an impact, your doctor may put you on medication to get them into line.

It is important to maintain a full journal with all applicable information related to your type 2 diabetes. This valuable information is paramount in treating a person’s Type 2 Diabetes. It will show long-term trends in glucose levels as well as give vital information on what foods and activities do to the readings. When you visit your doctor or another diabetes specialist, take your journal with you. Professionals often see trends that you might not. Monitoring at home is very important. Nevertheless, it does not replace the relationship you need to develop with your doctor for long-term success.

Control your Blood Sugar

The Dr Michael Hutch PhD “Diabetes-Your-Blood-Sugar” sites provide useful information about Type 2 diabetes and Blood Sugar.

There are three type of diabetes. These are

Type 1 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Gestational diabetes

Each type of diabetes is described here shortly

Type 1 Diabetes:This type of diabetes is also termed juvenile diabetes. It is a condition in which the sufferer has to depend upon insulin for the rest of his life. The beta cells that were responsible for the production of insulin are destructed in type 1 diabetics. The prime source of energy for all the body cells is glucose but it requires insulin to enter in the cells and for the production pf energy. The deficiency of hormone insulin leads to elevated levels of glucose in the blood as well as urine.

The classical symptoms of this type of diabetes are

Excessive urination
Excessive hunger
Weight loss

The root cause of this diabetes is not yet known however it is believed that genetic disposition of triggered by environmental factors results in type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes:Diabetes type 2 is also a lifelong disease. It is an illness characterized by elevated levels of glucose in the stream of blood. Mostly this type of disease onset in the adult years. When a person suffers from diabetes type 2 the liver, fats and muscle cells does not respond positively towards insulin. In this type of diabetes the insulin is produced in the body but it becomes less effective. The provided insulin becomes unable to lower down the level of blood sugar. The energy is not properly produced in the body cells and the level of glucose in the stream of blood starts to build up. This condition is termed hyperglycemia. Most of the times it activates the pancreas to produce excessive insulin. In some case fat cells hinders the efficiency of insulin. This is the reason that it is said that obese people are more prone to catching the disease. It is important to note here that this does not mean that thin people can never have diabetes. Poor management of diet, less physical activity, and being overweight are the potential risk factors of diabetes. Further if the disease runs in a family even then the person is at an increased risk of catching the disease.

Gestational Diabetes:It is the third type of diabetes in which a non diabetic woman suffers from increased blood sugar levels during her pregnancy. It is one of the risk factors of diabetes type 2 as well. It is believed that pregnancy hormones interferes the activity of insulin and pancreas thus makes the insulin less effective. Gestational diabetes can be controlled with the help of proper diet management. The newborn however is at an increased risk of developing diabetes and obesity later in his life.

Learn more about the details of Signs Of Diabetes and learn the tips to deal with increase in Blood Sugar. I have mentioned here tips and tricks with the help of which I have said “good-bye” to Diabetes; so you can do the same.


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