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This video shows my first week using the MiniMed 640G to manage my Type 1 Diabetes and to hopefully avoid hypos. Keep an eye out for another vlog coming in a few days! 640G – http://goo.gl/ganHG.
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  • Neil Black says:

    Laura, thanks for these early thoughts on this new sensor-augmented pump.
    An older Medtronic pump and CGMS could also do this, we use one for one
    lady continuously. What features distinguish this pump from the older
    Medtronic models?

    It also illustrates that current systems of SAP therapy make them safer
    (low glucose suspend) but the work to identify why the hypo happened in the
    first place, to prevent the next one is, still needed. Pumping is still
    hard work. Closed loop needs the addition of algorithms to adjust the
    profile and ratios.

    Keep up the good work, your video blogs are great!

    Best wishes, Neil


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