Diabetes can be reversed with diet changes. Your Food Genie can show you how http://www.youtube.com/yourfoodgenie.
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15 Responses to Treating Diabetes with Dietary Changes

  • Jay M says:

    It malpractice for doctor not to inform patients about dietary options to
    treat diabetes.

  • Kilo Panet says:

    You really have to recognize the reason why you you get diabetes and the
    science how to fix it permanently.

  • Sergio Quinones says:

    I am a firm believer in proactive action with diet, exercise and proper
    supplements. Excellent Video!

  • UrDoinItWrong says:

    You don’t even need to eat fish, and will get better results if you forsake
    ALL animal products.

  • TheTrickzta says:

    Herbs, Diet,& EXERCISE say NO to drugs.

  • lordgeneral9 says:

    Thank you very much

  • keeyk118b says:

    My friend was over weight and had hypertension and was on danger of
    developing diabetes. He starting taking more whole fruits while grains and
    eating less meat and eating soy. He also started exercising 3 x/week. He
    lost 10 kg in 2 months and he no longer needs meds for hypertension.

  • palaterodeland says:

    The entire “modern epidemic” of Type II is the biggest lie ever pulled over
    the eyes of the sheepish public. The “disease” and the “treatments” have
    been professionally designed, packaged and sold to the masses by big pharma
    for big dollars. I cured my Type II by stopping the intake of processed
    foods and replacing them with raw foods & some cooked fish. IT IS THAT
    SIMPLE. I still eat carbs, just healthy ones, no junk food ever.

  • Blooze Daddy says:

    eat as much grains as you can…we all know that for hundreds of thousands
    of years early man walked around in fields of wheat and corn and just
    started chomping down on the whole grains…….BWAH! Of course a vegan
    diet is healthier than a really bad diet of processed foods…but you can
    eat a VERY healthy diet with meat and natural carbs AND fats….which I
    prefer since it’s not so fricking boring as an all veggie and grain diet.
    To each his own I guess.

  • seenote0 says:

    The best prevention/possible cure is the stevia plant and pure 100%
    caffienated coffee.

  • LCHFinCanada says:

    A low-fat vegan diet is NOT the best for diabetes. Low-Carb/High-Fat
    ketogenic diets (which CAN be vegan, vegetarian or include meat –
    individual preference) are the best for diabetes. All the science is clear
    on this. Regardless of what low-fat vegans tell you, ALL science testing
    ketogenic diets vs. low-fat diets show the ketogenic diet superior to
    low-fat for 1) weight loss, 2) glycemic control, 3) cholesterol ratio and
    4) triglycerides. That’s the truth.

  • tommyk77 says:

    @RandyBful1 Lol, not worth it, or you can’t? I used to think like you do,
    but then I scrutinised my beliefs.

  • tommyk77 says:

    @indigobeauty1 The first two sentences made me smile, but I wish more
    people were vegans for rational reasons. There are too many vegans that are
    into the new age rubbish, I think.

  • Minyadagniriel says:

    its inspiring 😀

  • Amber Circlestream says:

    my grandpas nurse encouranged my mom to guilt me for bringing fresh juice
    that i juiced from organic fruits at my house. about the “danger” of high
    sugar!! then she goes and buys him a meat lovers pizza ( he has heart
    problems by the way too) medical people are corrupt


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